Documentary Consulting by Scott Petersen

Award-winning documentary filmmaker and editor Scott Petersen offers consulting services for documentary filmmakers. Whether you are in the planning stages or simply need some straightforward advice on your rough cut, Scott Petersen is there to give you the information you need. As a documentary filmmaker and editor himself, Petersen can help with most aspects of documentary filmmaking. Subjects of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Concept creation
Shooting format
Documentary aesthetics
Rough cut feedback
Delivery requirements
Film festivals
DVD duplication/replication

Learn how to save money without cutting corners. Learn when to spend the money and when to pinch pennies. Put Petersen’s experience to work for you.

Don’t be the filmmaker who says, "If I only knew then what I know now."

Consultations are available at a rate of $75/hour. For a flat fee of $200, Petersen will watch your feature-length project and provide detailed feedback. Discounts are available for multiple hour sessions. Consultations take place over the phone or in-person for those in Los Angeles. Fees are non-refundable.

Scott Petersen is not a lawyer and does not give legal advice.

Scott Petersen is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and editor. His two documentaries, Out of the Loop and Scrabylon, have played at festivals and theaters all over the United States and Europe and on PBS. His self-styled marketing campaigns have led to reviews and feature articles in such publications as the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Time Out NY, Detroit Free Press, Billboard, Film Threat, San Diego City Beat, Filmmaker Magazine, indieWIRE and many others. The syndicated entertainment show "Extra!," "Split Screen with John Pierson," PBS’ "Chicago Tonight" and Current TV have all broadcast pieces on his work. With his help, you can avoid many of the pitfalls of first-time, or even seasoned, filmmakers.

For more information, email.

1 hour consultation $75

Detailed doc feedback $200