Scrabylon is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed documentary on the cut throat world of tournament SCRABBLE®.

Featuring the most fierce anagrammers, rack balancers, and bingo experts in
competitive SCRABBLE®, Scrabylon delves deep into this sometimes wacky, sometimes odd, always compelling subculture. Shot primarily during the World SCRABBLE® Championships in Las Vegas, Scrabylon features players from around the globe and gives an up-close look at why people get so obsessed with that seemingly benign game played at countless kitchen tables.

Scrabylon spotlights "GI (gastrointestinal) Joel" Sherman, the world’s only professional SCRABBLE® player - so named for his various stomach ailments; Jim Geary, a quick-witted professional gambler and all-around gamesman; Matt Graham, a stand-up comic from New York City; Chris Cree, a funny Texan who once won $256,000 gambling in Las Vegas during a SCRABBLE® tournament; Joe Edley, the Zen Scrabble master and only 3-time National SCRABBLE® Champ; Brian Cappelletto, an options trader and the first SCRABBLE® child prodigy; Robin Pollock Daniel, a trained psychologist and the highest-rated woman on the SCRABBLE® scene plus many other eccentric characters.

The glue between all these players is John D. Williams, Jr., the Executive Director of the National SCRABBLE® Association, who describes in great detail the quirks, strategies and personalities of this fascinating group of individuals.